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List of products by manufacturer Kimood

about the trademark

The Japanese KI is frequently translated as "energy flow", and is often compared to Western notions of energeia or élan vital (vitalism) as well as the yogic notion of prana or the Latin spiritus. A mood is a relatively long-lasting emotional state. The mood is a product of two dimensions: energy and tension. Creativity is enhanced most by positive moods. The concept of KI joined to the English word MOD expresses our feeling about our bags, where the accessories are not just items, but a way to express ourselves whatever the occasion.

key brand points

Strong brand equity: fresh and clear images, personality, strong communication.
High standard of quality at the right price.
Eco Friendly, Fully available stock.
The brand’s product mix covers already most of the categories you require for your promotional offers.

In 2015, a new “class-chic” range in leather imitation for more upscale gifts enrich the offer. On the accessories front, KIMOOD introduces a new comprehensive drinkware collection of about 20 items in many vibrant colors for your leisure, sport, or professional activities. Colors are also added to best sellers products.

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Showing 1 - 25 of 230 items
Showing 1 - 25 of 230 items